The Baby Fancy is the base version of the Baby Fancy 2. It is a small boat, meant for fighting small vessels and slower, less agile boats (such as Traders and Boats). It is often used as a hunter-killer for rafts around the edges of the map.


The Baby Fancy is a small boat, with 3 benches inside the hull and 1 sail.


Without much storage space, and with a smaller krew, the Baby Fancy is good for escorts, raft hunting, and trader hunting. It is a fast, agile boat, able to keep up with rafts. It's small profile makes it hard to hit making it excellent against large slow traders.


With the Baby Fancy

Against Rafts, it is easy to just sail up and pound them. Traders and other large vessels you can patrol around for and then either a) Fire at range or b) approach from either side, with your bow pointing towards them to make the smallest possible target to hit. With huge ships, such as Queen Barbs Justices, Calm Spirits, or Royal Fortunes, approach from the higher sterns and try to keep in the shadow of their hulls to make you almost impossible to hit.

Against the Baby Fancy

Try getting in close and hitting it from the side, where there's a bigger target area.

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