The Baby Fancy 2 is basically an improved version of the Baby Fancy. It has 500 health, 3 krew slots (kaptain and 2 krew), and 900 cargo space.


It is very similar in design to the Baby Fancy. Uses the same model.


The Baby Fancy 2 pares well with a steel barrel and high range build. This gives you a decent chance of taking down a big mama or a destroyer. it's small hitbox also makes it harder to hit.


With the Baby Fancy 2

This ship is good for going for the bigger ships, as the speed can outrun the target ship, allowing you to get hits off without losing too much health. If evasive movement is employed correctly, the Baby Fancy can emerge unscathed from a battle.

Against the Baby Fancy 2

Have a good distance and damage build, as landing long-distance shots can prove deadly against this ship, due to its small hitbox, high accuracy is needed especially during long distance volleys.

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