An inferior version of the Boat 2 and Boat 3. This has a nice 450 health, along with 500 cargo capacity, which can be used for trading in small amounts. This ship also has 5 krew capacity: 1 kaptain and 4 krew.


This boat has a hollow hull, and a mast consisting of one vertical pole, two horizontal poles, and a red sail.


This boat has 450 health, 5 krew capacity, and 500 cargo capacity. Due to its cheap price and its slightly better stats, it is a solid choice to fight against weak rafts.


With the Boat 1

  • You can fight rafts and other boats.
  • Stay away from larger boats, as it has a relatively small amount of health

Against the Boat 1

High HP ships (the Destroyer branch, the Queen Barb's Justice branch, and both Royal Fortune and Calm spirit branches) can completely own the Boat 1.

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