The Boat 2 is a boat in When one buys it, they would lose 11,000 for 600 health, 6 krew slots, and 600 cargo space, which allows minimal trading.


It is similar to the Boat 1, with a slight size increase.


If you want to do more trading, consider looking into the Trader branch. This ship has decent health.


With the Boat 2

Try to stay away from the strong ships as they usually have a large krew, as they can easily destroy you in about 1-3 sec.

Attacking in fleets can help when fighting big ships, so if you spot big ships and you have backup, attack with a good distance and damage build.

Against the Boat 2

This ship is weak against strong ships, so try to get tons of hits off while avoiding the cannonballs shot back.

Baby Fancies might not be able to defeat this ship, as they have a speed difference with this boat. If you are trying this, make sure to have a good distance build as well as damage.

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