Overloading Cargo

You can overload cargo past the limit, this requires multiple players. If you have multiple players, have them each one by one fill the cargo. Then, they will leave the krew. After, you will fill the cargo and have them join back and it will show up as, for example, 1200/600. No Longer Works

Overloading Krew

You can overload Krew past the limit, this requires two boats and multiple players. Say you had the Baby Fancy, which had a max krew of 3 people. Buy a boat with a larger max capacity than that, and let people fill in. Once the krew is about 2-3 people more than the max capacity of the old boat, then buy your old boat again, and you will have unlimited krew that can join your boat (Note: this is risky and may not be worth it). No Longer Works

Buying a Cannon, Fishing Rod, and a Raft 1 at Jamaica

Jamaica Glitch Small
Upon collecting enough clams and crabs you can use the "choose your upgrade" popup menu to buy the Cannon, Fishing Rod, and a Raft 1 at Jamaica even though you can not normally buy these items at this location. No Longer Works
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