This ship is good to have in the game, with 1800 health, 18 krew slots, and 2000 cargo space.




With the Calm Spirit

With this ship, you can sink the Wood Plank, the Raft Branch, the Boat branch, the Trader branch, Destroyer branch, Baby Fancy branch(requires skill), and the Royal Fortune branch.

Against the Calm Spirit

Baby Fancy and Baby Fancy 2 are both good ships that can sink this.

Rafts | Wood PlankRaft 1Raft 2Raft 3
Boats | Boat 1Boat 2Boat 3
Traders | Trader 1Trader 2Trader 3
Baby Fancies | Baby FancyBaby Fancy 2
Destroyers | Destroyer 1Destroyer 2Destroyer 3
Royal Fortunes | Royal FortuneRoyal Fortune 2
Calm Spirits | Calm SpiritCalm Spirit 2
Queen Barb's Justices | Queen Barb's JusticeQueen Barb's Justice 2

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