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This upgrades the reload speed of your cannon.


Pressing 5 upgrades Fire Rate by 1 point


Fire rate was massively buffed on the 2020 Christmas Update, making 50-0-0 with Steel Barrel, an extremely powerful build.


All values may be outdated and need to be retested

Base fire rate is about 40 RPM. Max fire rate is approximately 116 RPM
( 100 RPM 50-0-0 and pre-buffed Demolisher (+30) )

fire rate calculated from video capture / Rounds Per 150.694 seconds

Your fire rate does not increase linearly but exponentially.

The raw data does not follow an exponential curve exactly, but it could just be testing errors. It could also be the game has rounding errors or something else, but more testing would need to be done to confirm this.

It can still be used to get the approximate fire rate.


Fire Rate Upgrade

  • Boosts fire rate by +5


  • Boosts fire rate by +10

Sinker's Gloves

  • Boosts fire rate by +25


  • Boosts fire rate by +40