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This ship is the largest and the beastliest in the game, with a high price of 550,000 gold.


This ship is an extremely large ship with flashy red square sails and rigging.


With the highest health and cargo load, this ship is designed for a krew with a goal of trading for high leaderboard positions. It sports a large krew and an insane 10,000 cargo to carry. This ship is also a good size larger than the other Big Mamas in the game (such as the Queen Barb's Justice.)


With the Fortune Trader

This ship is mostly to be used as a passive trading ship, however its slow speed and large hitbox make it an easy target for other big mama ships as well as fleets of smaller ships (such as a fleet made of Baby Fancy ships).

  • Having another ship or fleet escorting the Fortune Trader is probably the best strategy, as it is not made to fight the other aggressive larger ships or even large fleets.
  • This ship plays similar to the Trader line of ships, due to its similarity in stats. It will be a magnet for any other ship of considerable size to attack it.
  • Buying a Nitro peg gives the Fortune Trader a speed of 7.0 which allows it to outrun most other ships. This can be used for a passive strategy of quickly going from island to island and avoiding combat.
  • Buying Steal Reinforced Planks or Reinforced Planks allows the Fortune Trader to increase its effective health to around 10,500 or 7,375 respectively. With these upgrades the Fortune Trader becomes much harder to kill but can still be taken down by a dedicated krew or overwhelming firepower.

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