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Your gold amount is located at the top of the screen with the other menus

Gold is the currency in the game. The Ships, players, and the all-time player's leaderboards are ranked by gold. You can see your gold amount next to the other menus at the top of the screen.

Starting Gold

When you start the game, you get to choose where to start. Your starting gold is always 0 unless you choose to start by joining a random krew. If you do that, you start with 500 gold. This does not have much value and is why you should start your game by getting more gold. If you are in Labrador, you can save gold you have earned for other games using The Bank.

Respawn Gold

When you die you are shown the option to respawn with 30% of your gold (a maximum amount not confirmed)

It may be a bug but you get an additional 1300 gold after you respawn.

Use of Gold

Gold is used for pretty much everything:

  • Ranking high on the leaderboards (does not use up your gold)

Earning Gold

Because gold, a very important resource, is used for most things in the game it is easy to get.
Here is a list of ways to get gold sorted by efficiency:

  1. Trading Goods,
  2. Collecting Crabs and Shells,
  3. Fishing,
  4. Fishing up loot from Ships,
  5. Fishing up a Crate,
  6. Fishing up a Chest.

Even though fishing up a chest gives a ridiculous amount of money, it is on the bottom because they come very rarely, and you have to be close to it to even have a chance of getting it. When you earn gold, you will ALWAYS see the amount of gold floating upwards on the right side of the screen, and then disappear.