Shop Items as of 3/23/2020.

Item Name Description Location Rarity Price
Distance Upgrade 5% Further Cannon Distance All Islands Common 4,000
Attack Speed Upgrade 5% Faster Attack Speed All Islands Common 2,000
Damage Upgrade +5 Attack Damage All Islands Common 5,000
Ship Speed Upgrade +0.2 Ship Speed* All Islands Common 3,000
Bruiser +4 Attack Damage 10% Faster Attack Speed Brazil, Spain Rare 20,000
Drifter +2 Attack Damage
+0.5 Ship Speed*
Guinea, Labrador Rare 25,000
Reinforced planks 25% Damage Reduction* Brazil Epic 35,000
Steel Barrel 30% Further Cannon Distance Labrador Epic 35,000
Sinker's Gloves 30% Faster Attack Speed Brazil, Spain Epic 45,000
Air Pegleg +1 Ship Speed* Jamaica Epic 22,000
Blue Gunpowder +8 Attack Damage Jamaica Legendary 50,000
Demolisher +4 Attack Damage 25% Faster Attack Speed Jamaica Legendary 100,000**
Fountain of Youth reset all skill points
can only be bought once
Jamaica Legendary 150,000

* only works if you are kaptain

** see Demolisher page for requirements


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Weapons | Cannon
Stat Upgrades | Fire Rate UpgradeDistance UpgradeDamage Upgrade
Cannon Upgrades | Steel BarrelSinker's GlovesBlue Gunpowder
Hybrid Upgrades | DrifterBruiserDemolisher
Ship Upgrades | Speed UpgradeAir Pegleg

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