Welcome to the Wiki is a unique third person shooter style game that can be played here.

What is is a multiplayer 3D third-person shooter web-based game, with an overall pirate theme, where players compete to sink each other, race for loot, and attempt to be a successful pirate. Included within the io games category, but vastly different to most .io games. The game is mostly competitive, as players battle each other for #1, but is also somewhat cooperative, as players on the same ship will have to work together to sink enemies.

Gameplay Basics


  • Mouse Control the cannon. Press or hold the left mouse button, or LMB to fire.
  • ESC See your mouse and use it in menus.
  • Shift View user leaderboard.
  • Enter Chat, press again to send a message.
  • WASD Move around and steer ship, if kaptain.
  • Tab Switch between Global Chat and Local Chat without pressing ESC to click between them.
  • 1 2 3 Switch between your cannon, fishing rod, and spyglass.


As with most games of this genre, the main goal is to become #1 on the leaderboard. In order to do that, you can either search for Crabs and Shells on the Islands or have to kill other players to gain money to buy better Ships to kill more players to gain more money to buy better Ships… But you can't do it alone. You will need a krew to provide extra firepower. Also, you can use the trader boats to trade lots of goods to gain gold quickly. You will be an easy target though so you might need a full krew or fleet to protect you.


In the world of, there are 10 Islands. They are places where ships may dock to upgrade themselves and players to purchase items and goods. Note that 8 seconds after a boat arrives at an Island, they may dock, making them invulnerable. During these 8 seconds though, they are vulnerable to any attacks, unlike departing, which takes 5 or 25 seconds instead of 8 seconds and is invulnerable during that 5 or 25 seconds.

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