One of the best ships in the game, the Queen Barb's Justice dominates the seas with high health and sporting up to 20 krew.


It is shaped to possibly resemble a pirate ship. It has cannon covers on the sides for decoration, with a black flag on top.


This ship is often ignored in the game, as people usually go for the Queen Barb's Justice 2, as it sports higher health and more krew slots.


With the Queen Barb's Justice

  • Since this ship has high health, don't be afraid to fight small to medium sized ships.
  • Aim for traders, as they can drop valuable cargo that when reeled in, can bring in lots of money.
  • Don't try to go up against fleets of powerful ships unless you have a skilled krew.

Against the Queen Barb's Justice

  • The Baby Fancy and Baby Fancy 2 can sink this ship, as they are more maneuverable. Only attempt this if you are skilled at doing this.
  • The Queen Barb's Justice 2 can sink this ship is used correctly, as it has more health and can hold a higher crew.
  • Try to attack this massive ship by launching in fleets. The fleet can overwhelm it due to multiple skilled players against 1 massive ship.
  • Don’t try to attack Black oyster if you don’t have powerful crew , it can sink this ship quite easily

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