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The Raft 1 is the most basic ship that you can buy in the game, and is good for starting out if you choose to fish and trade. An upgraded form of this ship is the Raft 2 which doubles the effectiveness of your attacks. For those who would like a raft to fight against other players, the Raft 3 is a good option.


The Raft 1 consists of a flat platform made up of 5 wooden slabs with two beams crisscrossing on opposite sides with a small mast in the center sporting a single rectangular white sail.


Upon buying this ship, one would lose $500 and get 75 health and 200 cargo, but can only fit 1 person, which would be the kaptain.


With the Raft 1

The best way to attack with the Raft 1 is to have a good balance between fire rate and distance, as you will need to score several hits and avoid getting sunk in return from other ships. The Drifter or Bruiser can be used alongside this build to make a fast damage-dealing ship.

Against the Raft 1

Large boats like the Queen Barb's Justice and Destroyer 3 are prey to rafts, so it is best to attack them with a small, sleek vessel such as the Baby Fancy or Baby Fancy 2. The small shape and speed of these boats will allow you to maneuver around them and give chase without losing too much health.

Related Ships

The Raft 1 is related to the Raft 2 and the Raft 3, which are slower but better versions of the Raft 1, and are recommended to use compared to it. The Wood Plank is the same as the Raft 1 except in size.

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