The Raft 2 is an upgraded form of the Raft 1 and doubles the power of it. It is a bit slower, with a speed of 5.9 units, but is useful for engaging in raft-to-raft combat. An upgraded form of this ship is the Raft 3, which is 1.5x better than the Raft 2.


The Raft 2 is built exactly like the Raft 1, which consists of a flat platform made up of 5 wooden slabs with two beams crisscrossing on opposite sides with a small mast in the center sporting a single rectangular white sail.


Upon buying this ship, one would lose $1,300 and get 150 health and 300 cargo, with a relatively good damage output for a raft (2 krew members). This would fit the captain and a devoted krew member.


With the Raft 2

The best way to attack with the Raft 2 is to maneuver around your enemies, but give chase and run with caution, as most ships will match the speed of the Raft 2. If you would like a small, faster raft, the Raft 1 may be a better option for you.

Against the Raft 2

Large boats like the Queen Barb's Justice and Destroyer 3 are prey to rafts, so it is better to get small, sleeker ships like the Baby Fancy or even another raft. If there are a number of rafts, be sure to get the Baby Fancy 2.

Related Ships

The Raft 2 is related to the Raft 1, a deprecated version of the Raft 2, and the Raft 3, a slower yet stronger ship designed for boat trolling and trader killing.

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