The Raft 3 is an upgraded form of the Raft 2 and is 1.5x better than it, and a direct upgrade from the base Raft 1. It is the strongest of the rafts, and also the slowest, with a speed of 5.8 units.


The Raft 3 shares a design with the Raft 1 and Raft 2, consisting of a flat platform made up of 5 wooden slabs with two beams crisscrossing on opposite sides near the edges of the platform with a small mast in the center sporting a singular white sail.


Upon buying this ship, one would lose $2,400 but get a sufficient 200 health, 400 cargo for minimal trading, and a capacity of 3 players, the kaptain and two krew members.


With the Raft 3

Using the Raft 3, a sufficient ship compared to the Raft 1 and Raft 2, you finally have the opportunity to attack other ships with brute force, yet it is best to shoot from a safe distance, and to top it off, use the Drifter or Bruiser to become the deadliest raft in the game. Try avoiding any Big Mamas, such as the Destroyer branch and the Queen Barb's Justices. It is also recommended not to attack any Baby Fancies unless they are already attacking someone else.

Against the Raft 3

Using a small quick ship like the Baby Fancy or even another Raft 3, and with a good aim, try to kill the Raft 3 as quick as possible before it in return deals fatal damage to your ship. Most other ships have the speed advantage over the Raft 3, as it has a 3rd-class speed rank compared to the Wood Plank and Baby Fancy.

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