In, you can use the money you have earned to buy better ships to assist you on your quest to become #1 on the leaderboard.


Below is a list of purchasable ships that are available at the moment alongside their prices, location, and other stats


Name HP Reg Krew Slots Cargo Capacity Speed TS* TR* Price Location
Wood Plank 50 1 1 200 7 1.2 5 N/A (Abandon Ship)
Raft 1 100 1 1 250 6.8 1.2 5 500 All Islands except Jamaica
Raft 2 150 1 2 300 6.7 1 5 1,300 All Islands except Jamaica
Raft 3 200 1 3 400 5.8 .9 5 2,400 All Islands except Jamaica
Trader 1 600 1 4 2000 5.1 .5 10 4,350 All Islands except Jamaica
Trader 2 800 1 6 4000 5 .5 10 18,000 Jamaica
Trader 3 1000 1 6 6000 4.9 .5 10 45,000 Jamaica
Boat 1 450 1 5 500 6 .7 10 6,900 All Islands except Jamaica
Boat 2 600 1 6 600 6.1 .7 10 11,000 All Islands except Jamaica
Boat 3 750 1 7 700 6.2 .7 10 16,000 All Islands except Jamaica
Destroyer 1 1200 1 12 1000 5.9 .7 15 50,000 All Islands except Jamaica
Destroyer 2 2000 1 14 1300 5.8 .7 15 75,000 All Islands except Jamaica
Destroyer 3 2500 1 16 1600 5.7 .7 15 100,000 All Islands except Jamaica
Baby Fancy 300 1 3 600 5.9 1 8 8,000 Cuba, Brazil, Spain
Baby Fancy 2 500 1 3 900 5.8 1 8 30,000 Jamaica
Royal Fortune 1000 1 15 1200 6.3 .5 15 70,000 Barbados, Labrador, SpainTaiwan
Royal Fortune 2 1300 1 18 1400 6.4 .6 15 90,000 Jamaica, Taiwan
Calm Spirit 1800 1 18 2000 5.9 .7 16 100,000 Cuba, Guinea, Spain
Calm Spirit 2 2200 1 20 2600 5.8 .7 16 150,000 Jamaica
Queen Barb's Justice 3000 1 20 3000 5.9 .7 20 175,000 Malaysia, Spain
Queen Barb's Justice 2 4000 1 25 4000 5.8 .7 20 275,000 Jamaica
Junkie 2500 1 8 3000 6 .7 15 120,000 Jamaica, Spain, Taiwan
Raider 1200 1 6 1000 6.5 .9 15 150,000 Spain
Black Oyster 6000 3 30 1500 6.4 .8 20 550,000 Jamaica
Fortune Trader 7500 1 20 10000 5 .6 20 550,000 Guinea

* Turning Speed and Turning Radius effects only guesses from the name in the game code (turnspeed, radius).

Best Vessel

By far, the best vessel available is the Black Oyster, as should be expected for its ridiculous price. It has the second highest health and the highest crew capacity in the game, with its speed only being 0.1 units off the fastest ship in the game (the Wood Plank or the Raider). It's regeneration is the highest in the game by a long shot. The only downside to the ship is its high cost (at 550,000) and its large hitbox.

Arguably, the best affordable vessel available is the Baby Fancy 2. This small, maneuverable ship and its three krew slots, allowing decent damage output, has enough health to survive pillaging any raft and most trader vessels.


Krew Member

Passive Trader

This is a tactic involves joining other vessels, helping out, and trading goods. Join a vessel that travels to many islands. Purchase a type of good with the best chance of profit. When you arrive at another island, sell all of this type of good (unless the island is buying the good at a lower market price than you purchased it at) and purchase that island's best (cheapest) good. Rinse and repeat, and you'll be making tens of thousands. When you have your desired amount, leave the krew and ship, purchase your own, and continue the route, or begin pirating (see below). You can also fish or collect crabs and shells to earn yourself some quick money.

Aggressive Pirate

This is a tactic that, while it quickly earns you levels and gold, may not be so kind to fellow ships. Join an aggressive ship, preferably one that is already on the leaderboard, and start pirating. It will earn you large sums of money within minutes, however be warned because the other sailors will eventually at some point plot to take your ship down, mainly because:

  1. A respawned sailor sunk by your krew has started the global cry for help against the big ship, and
  2. Your krew will most likely have the highest profit from sinking and taking you down the leaderboard.

Sometimes a Raft Fleet can succeed because they swarmed the big ship. Even the Queen Barb's Justice cannot stand up to it.

Solo Methods

Solo Merchant/Trader

This is a tactic that starts off with buying your own ship. You start out with the Raft 1, which means that while you'll have a fast speed and make good time, your cargo capacity is the smallest of all the ships. It is recommended that you first go around an island collecting crabs and clams and while doing that to go fishing at the same time. With the profit you earned purchase the Trader 1 (although the Trader 1 may not be the best in terms of durability, if your carful it makes up for that with its large cargo capacity) or your preferred starter trading boat. Now you start buying goods; commence with the trade route of your preference to earn some money. Then buy a better ship. And repeat. Cargo space is what you go for in these ships.

Solo Pirate

Not really a preferred method, because it is not extremely profitable, at least not in the early stages when you are on a Raft 1. Buy Boat 1 and start following rafts and sinking them, then get a sturdier ship, and then repeat. Not very profitable because rafts are not like traders and because your own ship could get sunk in return.

Pirate Kaptain

This method only works when you have followed one of the above previously mentioned methods. Buy a large ship, such as the Boat 3 or Queen Barb's Justice, etc., with a fast speed and a large quantity of health; sail around and have other pirates join your krew at the islands.

Windsurfing Technique

Windsurfing is a faster but riskier way to trade in Essentially, it involves joining a trader, buying cargo space, and as soon as said trader departs, you abandon ship and go back to shore. You will still have the cargo space that you bought on the trader (This works as of 3/4/2021), which basically turns you into an incredibly fast trader. For example, if you bought all 2000 cargo space from a Trader 1, and you abandon as soon as it leaves, you will have 2000 cargo space, even though your limit is 200 on a wooden plank. (Note: You will have to stay as a wooden plank. That is the point of this technique. Wooden planks are fast, maneuverable, and have a small hitbox, much like a Baby Fancy.)

Utilizing the "Windsurfing" Technique

Using this technique, you are optimizing speed, but sacrificing health. Any trader who has played this game for a while knows the agony of the trader's slow pace, and weakness that it poses. Using this technique, you have the same amount of cargo space and a faster speed, which allows you to trade faster and out maneuver enemies. So, if you can, you should buy ship speed upgrades to max out this effect. This can give you a 7.2 to a whopping 9 speed, if you buy Nitro Peg. However, the problem is still the dismal 50 health. This makes taking off and docking the riskiest. If you see an enemy in the open ocean, you can use your immense speed to out-maneuver them. But, you can't do that when taking off or docking. So, you should buy upgrades and invest skill points into distance and damage, to keep pesky ships at bay.

How to do the "Windsurfing" Technique

To do this you need a account, as well as 2 guest accounts (or alt accounts if you prefer.).

  1. Open your browser. Open 3 tabs and go to Log in as instructed above.
  2. Pick a trade route. A good one is bananas from Brazil to Malaysia, then sugar from Malaysia to Brazil.
  3. Spawn 1 guest account on Brazil, and 1 on Malaysia. Pick 1 of these islands to spawn yourself on.
  4. Gather clams, shells, and crabs, as well as doing some fishing until you have enough to buy a Trader 1
  5. Buy a Trader 1, and have 1 of your guest accounts join your boat. Then, make the guest account the captain.
  6. Buy all of the cargo space that you can, and depart using the guest account.
  7. As soon as you leave, abandon ship with your main account and head back to the island. You can depart when you feel ready.
  8. Refresh the tab of the guest account and spawn at the island the you are on.
  9. Depart and complete the trade route, and repeat the process using your second guest account that is on the other island.
  10. You are now an incredibly fast trader! Feel free to tweak this technique to best fit you!

Different Forms of the Windsurfing Technique

If you don't want to buy a trader every time you do this, you can instead pilot the trader back to the island to be used again instead of refreshing the page. You can also get your friends instead of doing it by yourself. That way, you can maximize efficiency while saving the trader. The last way that you can do this is by hijacking other ships. Use steps 6-10 described above on a victim of your choice. The problem with this method is the inconsistent flow of ships on an island.


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