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Spain lies in the northwest (top left) corner of the map.

It sells:


  • Rum for 155
  • Coffee for 55
  • Spice for 210
  • Silk for 140
  • Gems for 210
  • Sugar for 250
  • Bananas for 75

The 2 ships unique to Spain is:

Queen Barb's Justice and the Raider

It sells the following non-unique boats:

Raft 1

Raft 2

Raft 3

Trader 1

Boat 1

Boat 2

Boat 3

Destroyer 1

Destroyer 2

Destroyer 3

Baby Fancy

Royal Fortune

Calm Spirit


Expect pirates because it is often a good trade spot.


Like Labrador, it does not sell a good for a price higher than any other island.

It is the only island that does not have a good that's for the cheapest price.

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