In many ways, when you understand the game and can already fight on equal terms with many ships, the question arises :" how do you actually do this? Should I go to QBJ2 with Steele or pegleg? How to sink an enemy with a large number of crew, or how to destroy a ship that destroys you from afar? First, let's look at

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the simplest - strategy

The game has 3 most frequently encountered items-demolisher, steel Barel, air pegleg. Let's see what to do with each of the oncoming enemies

  1.   Demolisher-the enemy with such weapons is queit serious, but such sailors are easily drowned from large ships of the QBJ2 type or less powerful, but having enough health to withstand damage. These people pose a special threat in large numbers, few people want to get 200+ damage in 2 seconds. It's best to kill them from afar. or use a pegleg to shoot them when you are being chased
  2. Steele Barel is probably a very simple enemy. Sailors with such weapons are very cunning and will try to destroy you from afar while you chase them. But they also have a weakness, usually in close combat, an enemy with a steel deals little damage, so if you get another BF2-take a pegleg with a tenacious ship and go into battle!

3.  Air pegleg - the most dangerous of all listed, there is nothing worse than to meet a battleship with a pegleg, or even worse a flotilla with a pegleg. Here with these guys you need to be extremely careful, at any time they can catch up with you and destroy, regardless of how far you shoot or do a lot of damage. There are few strategies against such reptiles, but still there are several, the best of which is ranged combat. It is worth noting that you have to shoot from a sooo long distance and always be able to move away to the island. There is also a less sophisticated technique - take a pegleg yourself, gain 50 level of distance, buy a ship with 2000 + health and go into battle.

With strategies against various items, everything is clear, but what about ships? Welcome to the world of tactics!You can say this, you can use different strategies with different ships, but we will analyze those that are often found

  • Rafts On: There are several types. The most famous is a raft with a steel, a good style of play if you are tired of the monotony. More rare-raft with steel + pegleg, or demolisher + pegleg.but these types of tactics are very risky, after all, you have a raft and not a huge battleship, so it's better not to risk going to bigger ships.
  • Rafts Vs: Against rafts, everything is simple, the main thing is accuracy, and then how it will go. Well, if the raft runs away from you and it has a pegleg, then the easiest way is to try to lure it to the edge of the map and destroy it there, or Steele if you are too lazy
  • Boats/Merchant ships On: Well, there are already more options, you have at least + 400 health, boats have high speed, and merchant ships have a large cargo capacity. On boats, you can destroy everything with a steel, because your speed is quite high, but the demolisher will be quite good on such ships. For traders, a pegleg is very suitable, since your speed is lowered to 5.4 or 5.5, and with a pegleg, your merchant ship will have enough speed to trade, catch up and run away
  • Boats/Merchant ships Vs: Here, too, the options are high, but the main thing here will be speed on boats, accuracy at long distances and damage near, also do not forget to take a little crew, it will be easier for you, since these ships often have time to enter the port.
  • Destroyers On: Did you choose a destroyer? Well, what can I say, it will be difficult, especially if this is the first destroyer, because this ship is not only huge in size, which makes it an easy target for Steele, but also health is not enough to catch up with such shooters on pegleg. If you decide to go on such a ship-take as many crew as possible, and have a man with a steel, because you will try to destroy everything.
  • Destroyers Vs: As it was said in the guide to the destroyer, against them are good steals, and close to them it is not bad to kill them with a demolisher and crew. You should know that a destroyer is caught - it will probably be gone in 30 minutes
  • Сalm Spirit/Royal Fortune On: These ships are mostly qbj prototypes. High speed, fairly small shape, a lot of health, and the crew fits like in Shanghai. A good initial option for those who do not have enough for a larger boat, because they are excellent captain with a pegleg, assistant with a steel and crew with a demolisher
  • Calm Spirit/Royal Fortune Vs: Here it will be more difficult, because the enemy has a high speed, in which case you will not be able to escape, and if it is also with a pegleg, it is better to attack the whole fleet. Health will also interfere with you in this battle, Calm Spirit and Royal Fortune have a lot of it, so fight them on the good old style, or range + pegleg.
  • Queens Bard Justice 1/2 On: If you got QBJ, you know that you are almost the ruler of the server. This whopper is just perfect in everything. 4000 health, 5.8 speed, 4000 cargo can lift! I think you understand that this ship will be the easiest for you. As with RF / CS, you need a pegleg, a crew with 35+ level, and you can also take an ally to cover.
  • Queens Bard Justice 1/2 Vs:WELCOME TO HARDCORE! Here's what I can tell you when QBJ is against you. Do you think that everything will be easy? Sinking this battleship with a pegleg and a huge crew, perhaps, will be the most impossible task in the game - it is almost impossible alone. But still there are several techniques. Take the QBJ itself and wait for the enemy to leave the crew, and you yourself will dial it in the meantime. Or another option, a fleet of BF2 in 3 ships, steel and hope to win
  • Baby Fancy 1/2 On: Well, this is probably the second most common ship among players, and the most common among experienced players. These ships are loved because of 2 things-high speed and very correct shape, it's just almost impossible to get into it. There are more tactics on this ship than on QBJ. Do you want to take the steel and destroy everything from afar? Great choice! Do you want to sink ships in the vicinity? Excellent! Want to take a pegleg, while you will have 2 of your allies, one of which will be Steele, and the other demolisher? Super!

    • Baby Fancy 1/2 Vs: There are few options. Take one of the battleships with seven crew members, while you will have a pegleg. Take a steel and try to destroy it from afar. Take a battleship with a demolisher and personally go to sink them.


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