The Bank is a place at Labrador where you can deposit money for other games.
Note: You can only use the bank if you are logged in.

Cannot use without login

This message comes up if you try to use the bank without logging in

Making and withdrawing a Deposit

When at Labrador, you can make a deposit or withdraw a deposit.

Bank Deposit

Depositing money to the bank

Making a deposit

You type the amount of gold you wish to deposit into the bank. You can deposit only 100k at a time.

The bank can hold a maximum of 150k gold.

Bank Withdraw

Withdrawing money from the bank

Withdrawing a deposit

You type the amount of gold you wish to take out of the bank and put into your wallet. You can take all the gold that you have deposited in the bank

Withdrawal fee

When you withdraw money from the bank, the bank will take 10% of the money you withdrew.
(10 gold would become 9 and 50k gold would become 45k)

Other bank info

The bank can save up to 50k to your account, you can use it the next time you login.
(you will lose any gold over 50k if you quit)

You can not cheat the Withdrawal fee by withdrawing one gold at a time.

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