The Trader 1 is the first, and cheapest boat of the trader series, it is, as it's name suggests, useful for trading.


The trader 1 has a straight back, and a curved front, with sails 1/3 of the boat away from the back.


The Trader 1 has 400 health, houses 4 krew, and has 2000 cargo space.


With the Trader 1

You should avoid conflict at all costs, so you should focus on safer southern trading routes such as Labrador-Brazil, if you get in a battle, you may be able to win if you have a strong krew, but you should avoid dangerous ships, especially if you have valuable cargo on board.

Against the Trader 1

If you use a fast (preferably small) boat with high hp, you should be able to easily sink the Trader 1 if you have good aim. Fast dps builds are recommended to sink the Trader 1.

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