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The trader 3 is arguably the best affordable trader-class boat in the game. With its reasonable 750 health, and 6 krew slots, it can withstand minor attacks. Its 6000 cargo capacity is second only to the Fortune Trader witch has the most cargo available on a single boat in the game.


The trader 3 is the biggest ship of the trader series, but in other regards, is identical to them. It has a curved front and a straight back, with sails 1/3 of the boat away from the back.


The trader 3 is excellent for trading because of its 6000 cargo space. Additionally, it has a 6 krew capacity, costs 45,000, and is only available in Jamaica.


With the Trader 3

Avoiding conflict is the best strategy for the trader 3, as with all trading ships. It is a large, easy to hit target and can therefore be killed easily. You should avoid all hostile ships and run safe trading routes such as Labrador-Brazil. The trader 3 may be able to defend itself with a full or skilled krew, but it is unwise to take this risk.

Against the Trader 3

Basically any boat can overpower the trader 3 (except trader 1 and 2), unless its krew is expert. A small boat with high damage/range build and skill should be able to kill the trader 3 with ease.

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