Advertisement allows players to upgrade different parts of their cannon attack by using skill points earned each game. XP earned by farming Crabs and Shells, fishing, plundering other Ships, and completing quests (view quests by hitting quest book icon above or hitting Q. A players level appears at the bottom of the screen with a bar indicating how close a player is to leveling up. Higher levels require more XP to level up to, so it gets harder to level up as a player gets higher level. Each level up gives the player one upgrade skill point, since the maximum level is 50 this means a player can allocate a max total of 50 skill points to different upgrades in any way.

The aspects of the cannon upgraded are Fire Rate, Distance, and Damage. Their icons as well as a counter for how much skill points each has appear above the XP bare that shows level. When a skill point is available for use, a red arrow icon will appear above the skill point icons. Use skill points on upgrades by clicking the red arrow above them or pressing 5, 6, or 7for fire rate, distance, and damage respectively.

The aspects of the cannon upgraded by the skill points can also be upgraded by certain items.

[Note: once skill points are allocated, only the 150k gold item fountain of youth can remove them to be used differently, so use wisely. Skill points that are not used do NOT go away and can be saved]

A few important things to note:

  • The way a player uses their points and upgrade items is often called a build
  • Allocate points strategically for your gameplay (ex. A small ship with a lot of cannon distance can snipe and avoid shots, a big ship needs strong high damaging guns, etc.)
  • Shots deal more damage the longer they are in the air, so cannon range upgrades can result in more damage. So can shooting straight up, although this is hard to hit.

This display appears at the bottom of the screen.

Level and Upgrades.png


Fire RateDistanceDamage